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Dr. Scott Pelok – DDS, MS, FAGD

Training & Experience

Well known and extremely talented, Dr. Scott Pelok comes from a family of dentists. While attending Ohio State Dental School, he developed a keen interest in Oral Surgery and spent much of his spare time and school breaks volunteering to gain experience in oral surgery, tooth extractions, and other dentistry techniques so he could gain more experience. He also worked with prisoners to gain experience with triaging issues so he could assess and treat problems quickly and effectively.

After dental school, Dr. Pelok worked as a mentor and trainer for other dentists at the University of Michigan Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program. You’ll understand how much he loves to teach when you ask for more information about your dental care needs. With compassion and an innate ability to explain things in plain terms, Dr. Pelok is committed to helping you understand your options so you can make confident decisions.

Practice & Philosophy

Over the years, his past experiences at other dental practices left Dr. Pelok wanting more. Some practices were small and didn’t allow him to offer his patients the variety of services that he knew they wanted from a dental practice. Dr. Pelok had also spent time at some large multi-location assembly-line-style practices that didn’t offer the personal, friendly style of dental care that he believes in. Trust is very important to Dr. Pelok and his ethics, professionalism, and desire to offer the kind of dental experience he believes in kept driving him to find a different kind of practice. Eventually this led him to establish East Lansing Modern Dental. He prides himself in being able to offer his patients a one-stop dental practice and works with trusted specialists who share his ethics and compassion.

Away From The Practice

When he’s not helping people find their healthy, beautiful smiles, Dr. Pelok enjoys woodworking and carpentry and is an amateur nature and wildlife photographer who has been published in Ontario Outdoor Life! He enjoys spending time with his family and has visited a Northern Canada fishing camp for years. Dr. Pelok met his wife Geri at Bowling Green University when he was a Grad student. Married since New Year’s Eve, 1997, Dr. Pelok and Geri have a passion for animals – especially their beloved Rottweilers. In addition to helping to heal and raise injured and unwanted Rottweilers, Dr. Pelok and Geri raise Rottweilers for search and rescue training.

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