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Woods Woolwine DDS

Dr. Woolwine received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of California San Francisco before completing a residency at the well-known WhiteCap Institute, center for dental implant training. He was then invited to extend his time at WhiteCap Institute where he taught courses in dental implants, tissue grafting, bone grafting, occlusion, and became certified in IV sedation. During these years he also traveled throughout the country providing training and mentorship to other dentists for implant surgeries.

He is passionate, and very dedicated to providing the highest level of care to his patients and constantly training around the country to become the best he can be. The part he most enjoys is building life long relationships with patients and helping them gain the confidence that comes from a healthy and beautiful smile!

He and his wife Kristy have been married for over 7 years and enjoy raising their two children. They are excited to be returning to Texas and are looking forward to serving and being a part of the San Antonio community. In their free time they enjoy spending free time outdoors and traveling.

"My teeth were literally breaking apart..."

"I've had a lot of dental health issues. I'm on a lot of medications, and my teeth were literally just breaking apart...I immediately loved [Sonterra Dental]. I loved the way they handled everything. I just felt like [Dr. Woolwine] really cared...It's more than I can even express...I can go in public, I can go anywhere. I'm not ashamed...I've gotten many compliments already!...I would recommend [Dr. Woolwine] to anybody. The office staff is awesome, and you just can't get anybody better than [Dr. Woolwine]."

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