Top-Rated in Hamburg, NY

Top-Rated in Hamburg, NY

17 Long Ave, Hamburg, NY 14075

17 Long Ave, Hamburg, NY 14075

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Ready to Restore Your Smile?

Take this 60-second quiz to see if dental implants are right for you!

February - Free 3D Panoramic X-Ray & Consultation ($450 Value)

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Hybridge Dental Implants

Do you suffer from missing, broken, or unhealthy teeth, or a daily struggle with loose-fitting dentures or partials? Or maybe, you've found yourself trapped in a vicious cycle of root canals, crowns, and bridgework. We would love to help you find a permanent solution that ends this cycle once and for all with Hybridge Dental Implants.

Hybridge is a revolutionary dental implant solution that replaces up to 12 teeth in the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. As a Hybridge-certified doctor, we provide long-lasting, custom dental implant solutions that let you speak and smile with confidence, eat the foods you love again, and restore your dental health. Stop treating the same teeth over and over, schedule a consultation with our office to learn how Hybridge can restore your smile and quality of life!

Learn More about Hybridge

Kristen's Hybridge Story

Hybridge Full Mouth Restoration

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How Dental Implants Can Impact Your Smile And Your Life

You have several options when it comes to dental implants

To give you a beautiful and functional smile, Westermeier Martin Dental utilizes the latest dental implant procedures and technology.

Missing just one tooth?

A single dental implant crown is your best option. It will:

● Look and work like a natural tooth

● Restore your natural chewing ability

● Preserve your bone

● Save you money in the long run

Missing several teeth?

A multi-implant bridge is ideal for filling medium-sized gaps in your smile. These bridges are:

● Incredibly strong

● A permanent solution

● Great at preserving your bone

● A life-long natural teeth replacement solution

Missing lots of teeth?

Implant Stabilized Overdentures offer a cost-effective alternative to regular dentures. These overdentures:

● Snap into place over 2-4 implants

● Help prevent bone loss

● Vastly improve your food chewing and tasting

A Full Fixed Set Of Teeth

This full, fixed arch implant uses the latest dental technology to give you a dream smile that’s as good as if not better than the smile nature gave you. The bridge:

● Is chip and stain resistant

● Offers a permanent solution (does not need to be removed

● Is custom designed to fix onto 4-6 implants per arch


Enough of the trips to the dentist already!

Dental Implants offer you a chance at lasting change. Just imagine:


Smiling with Confidence Again


Having Your Favorite Foods Back on the Menu


Saying Goodbye to Pain & Discomfort

These are the benefits dental implants can bring, and our team is ready to deliver.

Trusted by Patients. Proven by Results. Chosen with Confidence.

You trust us to improve your smile and lifestyle, and we aim to please. Check out what other people have said about Westermeier Martin Dental !

17 Long Ave, Hamburg, NY 14075

Westermeier Martin Dental Care


Jackie Jeffery

4 months ago

Westermeier Martin has taken away any fear of going to the dentist that I ever had. Everyone is so nice and friendly from the time you call for an appointment, to when you walk through the door and until time you leave. Everyone is so professional and they take the time to talk with you about what needs to be done. I highly recommend their services. I know firsthand they will do whatever needs to done to your satisfaction. They stand behind their work 100%


Kelly See

4 months ago

They where very helpful and told me exactly what to expect with my treatment. They seem like great people to work with . I believe moving forward with my dental needs will be with them ..


Bob Mammoser

2 months ago

Cleaning and a cap replacement went as I always expect things to go at Wetermeier Martin, without a hitch, from the time I walk in the door until I leave.


Linda Lamarine

8 months ago

What a wonderful experience. I was treated with honesty and respect. Everyone in that office is very people orientated. They want to know you. They take the utmost care treating you. Thank you.

Meet Your Doctor

Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Andrew C. Burke DDS


Dr Burke has extensive training and experience in complex dentistry, including full mouth rehabilitation. He ranks in the top 1% of dentists in the country based on the amount of complex dentistry cases completed, including thousands of dental implants placed and restored. He is always on the lookout for latest innovations to improve his patients’ treatment outcomes and visit experiences. When he’s not treating patients, he loves spending time with his wife, also a dentist, and 2 sons, cheering on the Bills, and spending time outdoors.

“That moment when we first show our patients their new smile is the most fulfilling part of my day. What motivates me everyday is knowing I can change someone’s life for the better, by restoring their health, quality of life and self confidence”. -A. Burke DDS

Dr. Kenneth L. Anderson

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Kenneth L. Anderson has been with Coastal Jaw Surgery since 2017. For the past 7 years, he has been practicing as a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Dr. Anderson specializes in dental alveolar surgery, Zygomatic implants, nerve repositioning for dental implants, temporary crowns for dental implants, temporary implants, guided implant surgery, complex bone and soft tissue grafting, general anesthesia, facial trauma, platelet rich fibrin, oral pathology including jaw cysts and tumors. In Trinity, Florida, he participates in Coastal Jaw Surgery's Pinnacle Study Club, which teaches dental clinicians in the Tampa Bay area. Dr. Anderson is located in the Spring Hill office.

Among the areas of specialty for Dr. Anderson include dental alveolar surgery, implants, hard and soft tissue grafting, general anesthesia, facial trauma, cleft palates, and orthognathic surgeries. In addition to undergoing continuing education programs across the country, Dr. Anderson is continually learning and expanding his knowledge. Dr. Anderson has attended Dr. Arnett’s course for orthognathic surgery and Dr. Bedrossian’s zygomatic implant training courses. He works closely with various other medical and dental specialties including dentists, ENT, and sleep specialists.

Professional Memberships:


American Dental Association


Eighth District Dental Society


Erie County Dental Association


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